The sources, tools and knowledge

Looking for the sources to your Art research? There you go!

From probably all the existing websites about the Art Industry I selected the best ones evaluating their content in terms of accuracy, authority, currency, objectivity and coverage to create the list of 10 most useful references for the Visual Arts Industry.

1. B B C

This is BBC website with the latest art and culture news. It gives the possibility to catch up all TV arts, culture and media programmes on BBC TV. I found it a very useful website, where all the information is up-to-date.

2. National Gallery/

This is the official website of the National Gallery in London with the information about the most interesting events and exhibitions. It is very helpful when it comes to plan your visit. There is a complete list of paintings by each artist in the collection. You can also find 30 must-see paintings.

3. Arts Council

This website is Arts Council official website. Its aim is to develop, promote and invest in the Arts in England. There are basic information about funding, publications, artforms and also news and press.

4. Arts Industry/

Arts Industry is first with the news and jobs for the culture industry. It contains the latest news and job offers. If you are interested, you can subscribe to Arts Industry Magazine.

5. creative-choices

A service from Creative and Cultural skills presenting Visual Arts Industry as a sector for the career. The articles include the description of the job profile and how to survive as an artist. The service provide the tools, knowledge and networks to support the artists. There is also an option to subscribe to e-Newsletter if you want to get the latest news regularly.

6.  V A G A/

VAGA is the abbreviation standing for the Visual Arts and Galleries Association. This organisation promotes the Visual Arts in the UK with its active network of professionals. The society consists of people with passion for art, working for galleries, museums and art organisations.

7. Arts Award

Arts Award helps artists to get nationally recognized qualification in any area of the arts. It teaches how to develop the skills in the arts industry and to make you believe that you have got the power as a creator. By getting through the stages you create your final portfolio and you get a recognized national qualification.

8. Culture 24

This is the service providing the news about the artists and galleries. Culture24 was listed by the Guardian as one of the essential sites of 2009. Full of different resources, with reviews and previews, divided into sections like: painting and drawing, photography and film, design, architecture, craft, sculpture, live and public art and new media.

9.  Great Britons

Great Britons British talent search is the service created by the British  Airways, directed towards people who have the talent and want to show it off. Everyone who is commited to being the best in his field can apply.


Intute is a huge academic database consisting of the resources that cannot be found in search engines. It covers diverse fields. This particular document is a huge collection of the Internet resources for the visual arts listed by categories. I found this base of links immensely helpful to my research.