How does it influence the media? How does it affect the creative and cultural industries? Does it have anything in common with the creativity in London?

Which traditional media do you think are bound to disappear or transform due to convergence? Why?

Nowadays the news is easily accessible from the Internet. There are many magazines being published only online.  Thanks to the technical development we can save the trees.

Paper based media are bound to disappear.

When it comes to data storage, CDs are going to become useless, because of the popularity of the memory sticks and memory cards, which are smaller and can store more information

Will convergence make London an even more multicultural and creative city?

High standard of living in one of the most economically developed city in Europe was visible for me when I took the tube for the first time after arriving to London. What I noticed was that all the people in the underground were using mobiles with touchpads, like iphone, and I couldn’t see a single person using a mobile with a keypad. Such a  multifunctional device like an iphone or ipod and other newest mobiles let people carry more useful or sometimes less useful tools with them daily. 5 megapixel camera allows to take a high quality picture. GPS and googlemaps show us the way easily when we enter the postcode. We can be always in touch with friends via Facebook and other services easily accessible from our mobile.

What is more, nowadays it is unlikely to see a person with such a popular in the 1990s CD player in the street.  It has been replaced by mp3 players and ipods. Also instead of reading a newspaper people read the news online. Due to the effect of convergence we can save the space in the bag and instead of taking map, laptop, camera and newspaper separately we can have one small device.   As the convergence continues, this process definitely makes London an even more creative city. New technologies develop better ways of communication in the company, they also let schools use better solutions and making better resources more accessible lead to the higher level of education. Working conditions together with good education attract more people from different countries and as a result London becomes even more multicultural.