How far will you go when you brainstorm your words? Our task in class was to play with different synonyms and antonyms coming to our minds, brainstorm them and present a logic business idea to create a successful company.

My creativity went far too far from Visual Arts, finding actually other business idea to launch in London – home cat sitting. Well, I think that if I could make it work, it might become first of its kind, quite interesting and  unique business;)

But back to the field of the Arts, finally I came up with :

‘An extraordinarily hypnotic company creating photography masterpieces with the use of magic.’

An image:

Hypnosis – I can’t find a good illustration of hypnosis at the moment, but as far as I’m adding only the pictures taken/created/painted/photoshopped by me to adorn this blog, I will add one when I will get it done.

A sound:

I associate my idea for the company with magic. The sound that best represents the company is the movement of the magic wand with the shimmering stars, known from the tales like for example Cinderella- the moment when the fairy touches the object causing its metamorphose.

A word:

It’s really hard to capture the whole idea what the business is about in one word.


And this is how I created my dream company:

The final result: The projection of my photography business designed by me

This is the logo of my company – a photoshop montage of my pictures with the logo signifying my works.

This assignment made me more creative than I expected. It let me realize that with the skills, tools and knowledge I am able to create my own business. And actually I can make it successful.